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House of Bamboo

We hope to share our love for sustainable wooden handmade products with you in our trendy gift shop!


Welcome to House of Bamboo. House of Bamboo was founded in the summer of 2020. All our products are handmade by creative entrepreneurs who care about our planet!

House of Bamboo is a unique webshop and gift shop with an emphasis on the sale of sustainable handmade products.

The enthusiasm for entrepreneurship originated in Vorden, the Netherlands in 2003, through Le Magasin. Here we sold the highly sought after (Smart) PDAs and the first Garmin and Tom Tom navigation systems throughout Europe.

This later inspired in Belgium to Special Case where we focused on phone cases and accessories. In order to eventually end up with our love for wood and handmade products. Namely House of Bamboo.

Again and again our customers choose wooden phone cases with an engraving, stylish wooden gadgets, fashionable wooden watches or innovative trendy wooden living and interior accessories. Of course with the focus on companies that do business sustainably!

House of Bamboo is fully focused on finding and selling unique and especially sustainable handmade products.

We offer beautiful wooden watches with a personally engraved message on the included bamboo box. Or do you choose to furnish your home with real eye-catchers such as our handmade wooden ducks and trumpet birds. In addition, our store also has beautiful laser cut wall decoration with geometric animals and you will find the unique Wijnpaal; a wine rack to place 6 to 12 bottles compactly and beautifully in your living room or kitchen.

Ideal products as a gift (for yourself) or as a give-away for your company.

We also offer real traditional wooden cutting boards for your kitchen through an entrepreneur who reuses the wood from old furniture to prevent unnecessary logging! He transforms these into real beautiful end-grain cutting boards, cutting blocks and cheese boards. But you will also find bamboo clothing with us such as bamboo socks, a wooden amplifier for your smartphone, wooden earrings to look chic, iPhone docks, wooden bows for men, wooden caps, natural stone bracelets and many more unique gift items.

There is something for everyone and all products are handmade by creative entrepreneurs who care about our planet!

We also offer wooden phone cases that you can make completely personal by engraving a logo, drawing, quote or sweet message. You only have to send your idea and we will provide a beautiful engraving for iPhone, Huawei and Samsung cases.

As an enthusiastic new company, our focus is mainly on maintaining good contacts with our customers, looking for unique products and being able to offer a stylish product for everyone’s budget. We want to contribute to nature by planting trees (Trees for the Future) and to ensure that no forests are cut down unnecessarily for our products.

Design, technology, creativity and nature come together at House of Bamboo.


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