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At House of Bamboo we ensure that you can give many of our products their own identity through engraving. What could be better than personalizing your phone case, your wooden watch or wooden sunglasses or a gift box.

By means of laser engraving or UV color printing you can have your name, name of your partner, children … engraved in order to give the recipient of the beautiful wooden accessory a unique gift. But you can also choose to have the logo of your company or association engraved on a phone case, wooden mini wallet or, for example, opt for a color logo when you choose our Otto covers. You are guaranteed to stand out!

Of course you can also opt for a nice quote, poem, tattoo or a drawing. Send us your design and we’ll see what can or help you on your way if you have any questions.

Laser engraving is an engraving by means of a laser in the material of the article. The laser beam uses heat to engrave the design into the top layer of the item. Color is determined by the material.

UV color printing ensures the direct hardening of the ink by Ultra Violet light. This makes it possible to print on almost all surfaces. Due to the direct hardening it is possible to get a kind of structure or relief on the surface.

With our Otto covers you can have both engravings in black and white, where only the black surfaces are visible, but you can also opt for a UV color print, which, say yourself, will result in a very original accessory.

With our Smooth and Kudu cases, Kudu & Rauw Macbook Skins and Smooth wooden mini wallet you can only opt for (black/white) laser engraving.

Choose a gift, for yourself or others, with your own identity through engraving!

Engrave the back of your wooden watch

Once you have decided which case model and wood style to choose, you can add the order to the shopping cart. You can upload your own design ideas here (maximum 3 pieces/photos/illustration/text).

Take a look at our galeryto get inspired.

We always strive to make your designs and ideas come true. But there are some limitations to what we can do.

Real photos (of you, your children, friend(s), cars, …) usually give an unclear and vague print (see below). This is due to the different colors and contours of the photo and (sometimes) the lower quality of the photo.

Otherwise, colors are automatically converted to black and white.

–> That is why Logos, drawings, tattoos, figures and text in black and white always give the best and most clear result!

–> a photo is not possible, but a black and white drawing

–> Examples of correct illustrations to supply

Do you have a cool concept in mind? We will help you, send your idea and we will design it completely free of charge!

If it only concerns text, you can also simply state the text and the instructions.

–> The better the quality and resolution of your design, the better the result will be.

You can also add additional comments to clarify your idea even more! Don’t have your own design, but did you see a product on one of our social media channels with a design that you like? You can then upload a screenshot of it here, so we are 100% sure what you mean/wish.

–>Are you having trouble uploading your files? After completing your order, email them to us at custom @ houseofbamboo.be stating your order number.

We are always ready to help you. Have you seen an idea or something nice but you don’t know how to proceed? Mail us and we will be happy to help you for free and we will look for a solution together!

Engrave Pinewood Gift Box

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