Otto Cases

Otto Case has a wide range of beautifully designed high quality wooden smartphone cases and smartphone accessories, designed for anyone who wants to express their individualism. The Otto phone cases have well-protected edges and are 8 meters drop-resistant, with unique-looking, laser-engraved or UV-printed, wooden phone cases for iPhone and Samsung phone models.

All phone cases are handmade and designed for their quality and beauty and each offered at the lowest possible price. They come in a wide variety of woods including bamboo, cherry, walnut and rosewood and are available in over 800 unique designs and more every day.


Smooth Cases

Unique handmade wooden phone cases. Fully customizable thanks to laser engraving and ecologically sound. Combine style and safety with these wooden phone cases. Each case is made from a unique block of excellent quality wood. The Smooth Cover is completely handmade to accentuate your phone and give it a stylish and unique look. In addition, our covers are excellent in the hand, which optimizes your smartphone use. The specially designed rubber sides offer optimal protection and ease of use. They also ensure that applying and removing your cover becomes a piece of cake.

Smooth loves nature

You can choose from three different types of wood: the light Sienna (bamboo), the dark Inuwa (black walnut) or the fiery Fuego (rosewood). Each type of wood gives an extra touch to your design and determines the style where you feel most at home! The cases are available for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei models.

Smooth loves nature. That is why all types of wood used have an eco-friendly character. No forests or forests are unnecessarily cut down to make our fashion and accessories! But we still thought beyond this: our packaging is made entirely from recycled paper and cardboard.